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Explore The Best or Cheap Hotels Near Sacramento Airport

Explore The Best or Cheap Hotels Near Sacramento Airport

Who doesn’t want a vacation away from a busy life? I do! you do and everyone does. The vacation is the time you give to yourself in order to have a good life.  So traveling with ease is the top priority. And by ease, I mean proper hotels and affordable transportation means.

Recently I thought to give myself a break away from the busy routine I have and went to a vacation at the Sacramento city.

Sacramento is the capital of California with monuments that reflect the capitol history and ancient world and a perfect choice to spend a vacation out of your everyday life. It’s the best spot for an art lover with those old museums and heartwarming weather. The food, especially the burgers, are to die for. My trip was of 7 days and I did proper planning before heading towards it. The planning included selecting the hotels (to provide me ease), and affordable transport means.


I didn’t know that knowing what hotels are near Sacramento airport will have an additional advantage. Luckily I went for this before researching. It took me hours to select the hotel that was the best fit for my trip but when it came to the transport I had one option in mind only. The Sacramento Taxi Yellow Cab  was my choice, as it’s affordable and reliable.

In this article, we will shed light on what hotels near SMF airport provide and I will share with you certain hotels list close to the airport that was in my list while preparing the plan for my entire trip. Whenever you will get a chance to visit the place this will help you as it includes the hotels near Sacramento airport that will bring you ease.

hotels near Sacramento airport

The 10 Best Hotels Near Sacramento Airport Are Listed As Follows:

Homewood Suites by Hilton Sacramento Airport-Natomas:

The 3 stars and 4.4 stars rating for their rooms and price lower than $200. This extended airport hotel is the Best hotels near Sacramento airport. It’s the attraction of a cozy and comfortable place to spend your entire vacation or business trip!

The suite is a 3-star hotel with the best staff in town. Their people are really friendly and they have excellent services as possible. The other common attractions are free Wi-Fi and parking, it also has free breakfast with the best service in town. It’s also has a good pool with the facility of outdoor activities. Its surely can be a good decision.

The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.

Samuel Johnson

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Sacramento Airport Natomas:

Although it’s a 2-star modern hotel but customers rate it 4.2 stars on Google Maps! the price range $180 and it’s just 5.6 miles away from the Sacramento airport and definitely should be a part of this list. Actually it’s a good deal for the price! The reasons are its attractive and cozy environment and that too in an affordable price. If you are looking for hotels near Sacramento airport with proper facilities than this should be your first choice. The main attraction for this is the airport shuttle that the hotel provides it’s really something that differentiates it since many hotels lack shuttle service. The other attractions include a clean and hygienic pool with a Fitness Centre. They are also known for providing the best and not compromising on their quality. The employees there are known to be helpful and well mannered. It also provides you with free breakfast along with all these facilities. And that too in the same price!

Hampton Inn & Suites Sacramento-Airport-Natomas:

The 3- stars Hampton Inn is a modern hotel with rooms rating 4 stars. And is just 5 miles from Sacramento International Airport. But if you spear $220 This hotel is considered overpriced! but still one of the best hotels near Sacramento airport in our list. The thing that has increased its demand overtime is the nearness from the Sacramento airport. The second big reason is that it is one of the hotels near the Sacramento international airport.

 The airport provides free breakfast with a cozy environment. It has free Wi-Fi and a pool with mesmerizing views that can bring delight in one’s life. It’s by far the 2nd best you can get at the price for the hotels near Sacramento. Another attraction is free parking and air conditioning so it’s definitely the best choice!

Springhill Suites by Marriott Sacramento Airport Natomas:

A 3 stars hotel This natural spring type airport is a 9.8 mile drive from the Sacramento airport. It’s average $128 price  and still  one of the good Sacramento hotels near airport. It offers the beautiful breathtaking views that calm one’s mind and offer relief. If someone is going on a vacation to sleep peacefully then this is the best choice! The beds are warm and cozy as well as the service is remarkable.

The attractions include free Wi-Fi and free parking. It also includes a swimming pool to make you relax and other indoor facilities. It’s also called as the most accommodating hotels there with remarkable staff. It’s always a good experience for people since it’s cost effective and helps in having the best time at the best price!

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Sacramento Airport Woodland:

This low key cool hotel is 9 miles away from the Sacramento airport. It’s a very casual place and less fancy. It offers a beautiful pool area with indoor. It also has free parking and free breakfast. It’s the best people who prefer cozy beds over fancy when selecting their hotel.

The main attraction is the airport shuttle service that Fairfield provides. The staff is known to be friendly and supportive. The rooms are the coziest as experienced by people who’ve been there on their visit to the Sacramento city. It is highly recommended by the people who’ve had the experience. Since it offers everything that a person needs while on a perfect vacation and that too in the best price.



Comfort Suites Woodland – Sacramento Airport:

This 3 star hotel is located 9 miles away from the Sacramento airport, it ought to provide the customer the best time ever. I’ve heard they provide the best service as a 3 star hotel and the price is $139 somewhat affordable. It’s the best Sacramento CA hotels near the airport. I use it when there are no vacancies in Sacramento hotels during big events at the Golden One Arena at downtown Sac.

The biggest highlight of this place is that pets are welcome. It also includes a fitness Centre which is a very well thought out approach. Since people don’t want to lose their exercise routines while they are on the trip. It’s a delight for such people then it also includes air conditioning and free breakfast. Families can visit Sacramento and should choose this as their first choice!

Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Sacramento:

A 3.5 star budget-friendly hotel, the Double Tree is 4 miles east north of Midtown and cross the street from Arden Fair Mall and 5 mins walk from the California State Fair. This complete package includes free Wi-Fi access along with free parking. The other common attractions are the free parking free breakfast. It has a massive swimming pool with a beautiful environment.

The staff is indeed friendly and helpful like it never fails to provide you with a good of services. The rooms are cozy, the environment is peaceful and the service might have issues. The best choice surely!

The Cheap Hotels Near Sacramento Airport.

The Four Points by Sheraton Sacramento International Airport

The Four Points hotel By Sheraton is one exite a way from SMF Airport. and its 3.6 stars! wiht avrage cost of $108 That’s a sweet deal! It’s a laid-back airport hotel and is 8 miles away from the State Capital , or 7 miles from Sacramento History Museum and from the Crocker Art Museum.

Econo Lodge Sacramento North:

This hotel is located at 3796 Northgate Blvd, Sacramento city. It is a 2-star cozy hotel serving the best environment. It’s one of the hotels near Sacramento airport that are easy to afford and can be a good option. A simple hotel that offers the perks of free Wi-Fi and food. The second big reason is that it is one of the cheap hotels near Sacramento airport.

Extended Stay America Sacramento – South Natomas:

Also, It’s not one of the hotels near Sacramento CA airport.

It’s a simple hotel that is 2 star and accommodates a good number of people. It’s an average hotel that offers you free Wi-Fi and free parking. Other than this the hotel’s staff is very promising.

Above were the 2 ordinary hotels in Sacramento city.



Super 8 by Wyndham Sacramento:

The Super 9 By wyndham Sacramento is a budget-friendly hotel is 1.3 miles from I-5 and 7.5 miles from the Sacramento International Airport. It’s the cheap hotels near Sacramento airport. It’s a simple budget property that provides you comfort in the best possible price in the town. The common attractions include that the hotel has free breakfast and it’s the coziest place in town.

The comfy beds and a comfortable environment are the best here. The place offers free Wi-Fi and free parking services. Apart from the common advantages the employees of this place are all really helpful and address efficiently to ones need. This won’t be that heavy on your pocket and provide you the utmost ease as possible.

Motel 6 Sacramento – Old Sacramento North:

It’s a simple 2 star hotel which is said to be budget friendly, price range $60. The best of cheap hotels near Sacramento airport. The staff is considered to be prompt and polite, they always are there to address the needs of the people who stay there.

It has good Wi-Fi access and they don’t charge you anything for that. Apart from this it provides you complementary coffee everyday of your stay. The rooms are modern and the cool swimming pool is amazing. It won’t be heavy on your pocket and provide you the best of comfort.


Red Lion Inn & Suites Sacramento:

A cheaper 2 star hotel. It is known to be good for families since it has some really good indoor and outdoor attractions. It’s a budget friendly place that offers free breakfast. The Wi-Fi access like others is free along with the free parking services. It includes a fitness Centre which also increases its demand as who wants to skip a leg day? It’s well thought out again.

It’s very new for a hotel to think so highly of their customers. Normally if you go out on trips the hotels don’t treat you good but this changed my perspective. The staff is friendly and doesn’t ignore it provides you all the best options. It’s always rated as the first by people who’ve been there. It’s a laid back budget friendly idea.



As I discussed earlier that when transportation came into my mind I didn’t even think of another choice since the yellow cab taxi was my priority. The reasons are many. But the main reasons include being budget friendly. Mainly people worry so much before going on a vacation to some other country. The problem is the conveyance myths that they’ve built through the time. They believe that the money required to spend the vacation is the same as spending on conveyance over there.

This makes them hesitate to the core and they just brush away the idea of going out in the first place. The affordability this yellow can taxi has provided is indeed incomparable. The second main reason is the security. Normally when we go out the trust issue arises as the main problem in deciding for a vacation. Since the place is new with the different group of people you feel insecure.

Why is it the best choice?

The need of security or to feel secure is what can calm a person down. Since everyone on or the other person has this problem that makes that feel hesitated towards a vacation. The Sacramento Taxi yellow cab provides you that security. The two main reasons one of affordability and the other feeling secure is what a person sees and these both are solved by the yellow cab taxi. With this, you can go easily from airports to your hotels. and from the hotels to Downtown Sac and the Golden one Arena It’s safe and won’t cost you an arm or a leg. So the yellow cab taxi is the best choice!

Above I shared the 10 best hotels near Sacramento international airport also I discussed the basic planning every person needs while planning a trip that is the hotel and the transport services.  And that too should be budget friendly. My stay in Sacramento was the best one so far with the best services ever. Through this, I actually saw what difference the choice of hotels and proper conveyance can do. The plan also helped me know the difference between what hotels near Sacramento airport to choose.

Good hotels can be a hunt and found that is affordable and secure. It doesn’t only help you get a pleasurable experience but also isn’t heavy on your pocket. Vacations are meant to give you comfort and the peace of mind that you struggle to find in your daily life. When the workload is uncanny and the soul needs nourishment going on vacation won’t hurt you. Instead, it’s going to provide you with the peace you wander and seek while you are busy in your daily routine tasks. A well thought out vacation with the plan of hotels near the airport (that can help in the departure too) that aren’t heavy on one’s pocket and an affordable and reliable means of transport can give you the best of experience in any state you wish to or are planning to go today. I hope the next time you wish to explore the Sacramento city this will be very helpful while selecting the hotel and the mean of transport that is the yellow cab taxi. Happy vacationing!

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The Sacramento city is a wonderful place with its beautiful monuments where every person spends a great vacation forgetting about the existing problems. There are a lot of cozy and comfortable Hotels near Sacramento Airport to choose from. You can stay at Homewood Suites by Hilton, Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Hampton Inn & Suites, Springhill Suites by Marriott, Doubletree by Hilton Hotel and much more. The choices are a lot and you can find detailed information about these hotels if you use Sacramento Blogs Club as your traveling guide. We offer you the best choices so you can have a vacation that won’t be heavy on your pocket. Tourist Places in Sacramento are a lot and you will find so many Things to Do near Sacramento. Just give your soul that nourishment and go on vacation. Sacramento Blogs Club will guide you through every step so that you will have a happy vacationing. Hurry up!

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