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My Trip and Things to Do In Sonora, California

My Trip and Things to Do In Sonora, California

Do you have experience of the trip and do you ever travel with your family? If yes, then you have an idea about pleasurable moments. Whenever you decided to travel to a new place, then you are highly excited, and you are ready to see the things in reality.

Well – I am here to share with you about my pleasurable family trip to Tuolumne County. There are lots of things to do in Sonora, CA. Maybe you think that why I make a trip to this place? You can unfold this question when you come to know about the things and activity to do in Tuolumne County.

Sonora, California is the incredible place for a trip which is in Tuolumne County. I make a trip because there are lots of things to do around the town. Do you ever know what things to do or places to go in this area? Keep reading to explore.

Well – get ready to explore our pleasurable moments

Initial Moments of My Trip:

Before knowing the things to do in Sonora, CA, I want to start my family trip from initial. We land at the Sacramento International Airport (SMF), and I reserved airport shuttle taxi from their website and got 30% off from SMF to hotel Barretta Gardens Inn, and the tremendous thing is that our ride was on time. After two days we move to The Sonora Inn – Hotel which is in 160 S Washington St!

Now, get ready to explore the fun places!

The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.

Samuel Johnson

Explore The Things to Do In Sonora, CA:

There are several stunning things to do or places in it – Keep reading to know about our highly amazing trip:

Dragoon Gulch Trail Head:

Dragoon GulchTrail Head is a very stunning place ever! It is in 680 Woods Creek Dr, Sonora, CA. We enjoyed the excellent trails and various beautiful views. We here walk through a small neighborhood although there is mention that walks through the neighborhood as a trail.

I hiked the creek side trail, the summit trail, and the ridge trail. However, it is the Dragoon Gulch, but here we see four trails and three does not show on the map. Still, all the trails were nice! Whenever you were in Sonora, you should there and enjoy tremendous trails head.

things to do in sonora ca

Tuolumne County Museum:

My wife loves to see the Tuolumne county museum because of our native and Gold Rush past. It is located in West Bradford Ave., Sonora, CA. Here we come to know about the many cultures that have influenced our area, more about our motion picture history.

Here we also interact with numerous artifacts from that era. Well – we got much surprised with such a worth-full place!

Heaven for Kids Playground:

My two little daughters are too excited to visit this place. It is the best place for kids which are in 480 Greenley Rd, Sonora, CA. My little daughters were enjoyed a lot there. We spend 2 to 3 hours in the large picnic area of the park. Heaven kid’s playground is arguably the best in town. If you are in the area, then you ought to visit at least once with your family and have great moments!

Woods Creek Rotary Park:

Yes – I am at woods creek Rotary Park with my family and enjoyed at the picnic area. It was a great place for the tourists. We spend lots of time on the entertaining tables, we make BBQ, and my two little daughters are not want to leave this place.

The most amazing thing is that there was a baseball diamond beside the park where we go and begin watching little league game.

Ultimately – Sonora, CA is the incredible place with lavish and exotic destinations. If you are also looking for the family trip, then stop waiting and decide your trip to it.

Airports To Travel from To Sonora, California:

COA is the local closet airport to Sonora, California. It is also known as Columbia airport. It is 4 mile from it. However, people often like to go with Sacramento International Airport  MF/ KSMF) it is 106 miles from Sonora, CA. If you are looking for domestic flights or international  most pupular choice is SFO its 133 miles away from Sonora, and its can be hard to find flights from to Merced Regional Airport then check the airlines that fly to MCE, it is 60 miles from Sonora. And if you look for an international destination, then you should see OAK which is 116 miles, or SJC is 120 miles from Sonora, California.

Sonora, California Transportation:

Before moving to new place the question that you probably ask to yourself is that what about the transportation? It is not only the movement of one place to another, in actual it is the matter of convenient journey. Yes – Sacramento yellow cab taxi service is the best option for the convenient journey within reliable rates. As I mentioned earlier about the airport shuttle service, which I reserved through Sacramento Taxi Yellow Cab website. Yellow Cab Sacramento offers very reliably and discount packages for tourists, I am also got 30% airport cab discount as mentioned above. We traveled by Sacramento taxi on the different destinations. And the stunning thing is that our ride was always on time.

Ultimately, the Sacramento yellow cab is the legitimate option for the convenient journey. Whenever you are in Sonora, CA with your family then make your ride with these yellow cabs.

When it comes to going to new places, you should never miss the chance and visit Sonora, CA. Traveling alone is good but traveling with family is awesome. You will have many pleasurable moments and see many things in reality. Sacramento Blogs Club has so much information about this place, so never hesitate to get help from us because we are always ready to guide you. Sonora, California is one of the best places that you should be in your bucket list. This is an incredible destination where you can explore so many new things. There are many Places to Visit in Sonora Ca, so this means that you will have pleasurable moments with your lovely family. One of the Top 10 Things to Do in Sonora Ca is visiting Dragoon Gulch Trail Head. This is a very stunning place where you will enjoy various beautiful views. You can hike the creek side trail, the summit trail, and the ridge trail. Visit this place and enjoy tremendous trails head. If your children are with you then we also offer you to visit Heaven for Kids Playground. Your cute babies will feel so excited and you can have a wonderful picnic in the park. So visit this place at least once and enjoy the best moments with your lovely family.

Tuolumne County Museum is another great place located in West Bradford Ave., Sonora, CA. There are also many Things to Do near Tuolumne County Museum, so visit this place first and you will enjoy every moment. This is a worth-full place where you can also interact with numerous artifacts from our era. Among the other Top 10 Things to Do in Sonora Ca is visiting Woods Creek Rotary Park. All tourists visit this place and it offers entertaining tables and gives you a chance to make BBQ. You will not want to leave this place as it brings so much fun. The best thing is that you can also begin watching little league game as there is a baseball diamond beside the park. As you see, Sonora, CA is an amazing place and exotic destination. Visit this place with your family and you will explore a lot of Places to Visit in Sonora Ca.

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