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Travel And Restaurants in Folsom CA

Travel And Restaurants in Folsom CA

Whenever there is a burden of work and the awkward moment which not allow you to move further then obviously there is a need for relaxation and little bit enjoyment. So, what to do for these events? The trip is the best option to release your stress and through away the burden too. Well – I’m also recently traveled with my family to Folsom CA, maybe you think that why I choose a trip to Folsom. A city of Folsom is in the Sacramento County, California. It is such a beautiful place to visit which allows you to experience such a good place and one-of-a-kind of activities.

Good, come to the point, my flight landed at Sacramento international airport, when I gathered my luggage then I call for airport shuttle service.  The Folsom airport shuttle provided by Sacramento Taxi Yellow Cab, our driver dropped us at Courtyard By Marriott. It is the best place ever for my family, lavish rooms, on-site Starbucks, fitness center and offers amazing compliments. After a few days, we moved to Hilton Garden Inn just because there are movie theaters, Folsom premium outlets, and several shops and restaurants. First of all, I want to tell about the restaurants that I visited with my family, and these restaurants serve highly delicious foods that are mouthwatering. But before that, I want to tell the most amazing thing is that we reserve Sacramento yellow taxi cab for our trips one place to another. They make our journey more convenient.

The Restaurants in Folsom CA That We Visited:

My wife insists on eating American foods, so we first went to American Restaurants:

  • Land Ocean (LO) Restaurant Folsom
  • Marly And Moo
  • Sutter Street Grill
  • La Fiesta Taqueria | Folsom

We also tried Italian food:

  • Pronto’s New York Pizzeria
  • Visconti’s Ristorante
  • Dominick’s NY Pizza & Deli

Now, here you come to know about the place where we entertained more than expected.

We visited 2 to 3 places on a daily basis, but here I can share the most amazing places that entertained us.

Folsom BMX Park:

I call the Sacramento yellow taxi can and ask the driver to pick us from the Hilton Garden Inn hotel and drop to Folsom BMX Park. This park includes a different feature which includes:

  • Pump Track
  • Rhythm Trails
  • Wall Ride

This course has several exciting features for bikers of all skill levels including Pump Track, Rhythm Trails, and Wall Ride.

The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.

Samuel Johnson

Lake Natoma:

At Lake Natoma, we enjoyed a lot with the amazing feature of sailing, kayaking, rowing, and swimming. This place is ever best for rowing course. Maybe you heard before that this site is home of many international competitions.

Folsom City Zoo:

It is a tremendous place where my child entertained lots. In actual, it is a sanctuary in management & philosophy. In this sanctuary, we see different animals like bears, canines, felines, primates, birds and other small animals. Here we donate our times to clean animal cages, and also clean-up the general things of the zoo.

One day after we also enjoy overnight event there.

Folsom History Museum:

Here we call history buffs! Luckily – we also come to know about the history of Gold in California. Moreover, we also come to know about the historical facts of the prison, streets, railroads and more about the native people of California. It is the place where we aware by Folsom’s history. It is very Surprising for us to know about the Goldrush, industry, and another rich history of Folsom California. We get plenty of knowledge from the Folsom History Museum.

Folsom Prison Museum:

You might think that it is very unusual to place to visit, but in actuality, it is the only place that attracts us. My wife is very excited to visit this second oldest prison in California. We see the different confiscated items like weapons, inmates, handmade things and the most amazing things about Johnny Cash memorabilia. Yes – Johnny cash singing a very famous song (Folsom Prison Blues), he has sung this song at a concert twice. Well – my little daughter gets different things from a gift shop. One more thing that we learn from there is that whenever you visit the prison, not to wear blue jeans, because the inmates wear the same one.

At The Harris Center:

We also visit at the Harris center where stunning performances take place. We watch different performances on 3 different stages. Harris Center is one of the famous performing arts venues which includes different acts of theatre, dance, music and a lot of fun.

Folsom Lake State Recreation Area:

Here we spend a lot of time than other places, this area is special and managed by the California department parks and recreation. We enjoy there with different water activities because of its big lake. Moreover, we have different trails of hiking, horse riding or just simple walking. Whenever you come to Folsom CA, the prior place to visit with family is the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. After trails, I start cooking some grilled fish with my wife, and kids are enjoying swimming. After a few time, we all family members relax and admire the view.

Ultimately, you come to know about such a fantastic journey and what you need to do if you are there. No-doubt, Folsom CA is the best for the tour, and it is the quite interesting and unique place ever for family trips. According to my humble, you should visit there and get amazing opportunities.

Thanks for reading about the entire journey – Hope So you will also there as soon.!

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